Team Insaner

Welcome to Team Insaner's Rover 825i - "Veronica"

rusty arch cracking dashboard 825 badge

Collected on 06/06/06 from Carlisle, Veronica is Team Insaner's Rover 825i and was purchased for £80. Powered by a Honda 2.5litre V6 that seems to be returning mid-30's mpg on motorway trips she is actually strangely relaxing to drive.

Although there's plenty of MOT left, there are a few issues that need to be resolved before CRX. The 300 mile trip home highlighted a couple of these, namely the coolant leak from the level sensor cap, and a knocking that could be a CV joint on its way out.


We've decided on a Bond/spy car theme, mainly as it will allow us to fit a few 'gadgets' and doesn't require too much in the way of painting and decorating!

Obviously we're trying to keep the decoration and gadgets as a surprise for the other teams - we don't want to reveal too much until we reach Calais!

rusty scuttle rear screen rusty door