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eBay hunting

I've now made a search for eBay that looks for all the sub £100 cars within 50 miles that finish in the next couple of days. It's made it a lot easier to spot available cars without wading through quite so much rubbish.

We're not sure exactly what car we'd like, but we do know that it should be at least Escort size and have MOT until mid-September as we don't want the expense and hassle of putting a car through the MOT. There's a reasonable number of cars appearing on eBay that meet our criteria, especially Volvos, Escorts, Sierras, Cavaliers. It's strangely disappointing to watch the bidding on suitable cars pass the £100 mark - one actually finished at £100.02 which was just cruel!

Added: 22/May/06 by Darren

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