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Looking outside of eBay - success?

Although we're still keeping an eye on a number of auctions, there's other places to look for cheap cars. Some of the other CRX teams have had success asking round main dealers (our local Toyota garage were polite when we visited them, but had nothing due in) and I feel there's still other places to check. I posted a wanted ad on the Lotus 7 Club forum BlatChat which gave us a few hints including FindIt. I responded to a few adverts, but got negative responses initially. One response was positive - the £295 price was negotiable. I phoned the owner and discussed the car, a 19 year old Rover 825. It was stored at his parents' house 300 miles away from us, further than we really wanted to travel. His parents were obviously quite keen for him to get rid of the car so he was willing to drop the price, providing we'd collect the car as he was at the other end of the country. I asked him to send some photos so that I could discuss the car with John.

Added: 23/May/06 by Darren

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