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A Rover 825 for peanuts?

The photos of the car arrived - John and I were impressed, but worried that the cambelt would need changing due to the age and relatively low mileage. The owner then emailed back to say that the cambelt was replaced in the last 12k. I'd already mentioned that the car would be used for a budget cross-Europe rally, the owner then offered us the car for £80 - providing we really were taking the car across Europe and would take a photo of it somewhere exotic... I quickly emailed back - with some innocent pics of cars doing a previous Staples2Naples run, also by StreetSafari - hoping that this would prove that there would be exotic locations. We didn't want to put the guy off selling us his car by showing some of the more lairy entrants! It turns out that he recognised the Unofficial Austin Rover site site I'd taken the pics from. A quick Google search revealed that he'd had some of his previous cars featured on the site! It all went silent after I emailed the owner with an acceptance of his price...


Added: 24/May/06 by Darren

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