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We have a car!

John & I caught a train to Carlisle yesterday to collect the Team Insaner car. She's a Rover 825i, 18 years old on an E-plate with 70k miles and was purchased for the grand sum of £80.

We were initally worried that the photos we'd seen made her look too good, but seeing her in the flesh reassured us! There are a few issues to sort out:

Our favourite feature (other than the sound of that V6) has to be the massive trip computer. Looking like something out of an 80's scifi show, and with some of the LCD segments failing, we can see our fuel economy (well, the first digit anyway) whilst happily cruising along. Even so, John commented that it's like driving a sofa - it is a strangely relaxing drive...

Photos to follow shortly!

Trip computer

Added: 7/Jun/06 by Darren

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