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Cheap fixes and bigger worries

We put Veronica up on ramps the other night at AndyG's and inspected the CV joints. Both driveshafts are very waggly, especially on the outboard joint each side. :-( According to the notes we received with the car, both driveshafts were replaced within the last 3 years (25000 miles.)

Meanwhile Andy and his mate Rob are slowly being tempted to add themselves to the CRX team list. Wonder if there's a finder's fee? :)

On a brighter note the external lighting has now been fixed. AndyG provided some replacement bulbs for the taillight and one of the headlights. He also spotted that one of the sidelight bulbs was half out of the lamp unit.

The coolant level sensor is less of a worry compared to the CV joints, and a quick test showed that it doesn't even work. The paperclip across the connector terminals conveniently prevents the flashing level warning light from coming on... ever! We need to decide whether we're going to seal the hole in the tank somehow, or find a replacement sensor. I'm guessing we might find it useful to know whether there's any coolant left during the trip!

John gave the car a vacuum and wash and said it looks a whole lot better now.

Added: 12/Jun/06 by Darren

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