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I wonder if CRX has a finder's fee?

AndyG, AndyB and Rob are now in the running for CRX having bought a Volvo at the weekend. Team Insaner may have a sister team after all! We toured a few scrapyards searching for cars and Rover parts, but had no joy finding the coolant level sensor. I've inserted an extra o-ring into the cap to see if it lifts the sensor far enough to seal properly. Veronica was quite quiet when I took the two Andys out for a demo run - though there was some kind of knocking that could be the exhaust loose on its' mountings.

I decided to spray WD40 onto the runners of the rear window that was playing up on Sunday, but after the window went down it wouldn't come back up again. :-( The Haynes manual carefully avoided mention of some of the screws holding the trim together so it took a while to get the window unbolted and the mechanism freed. It's all back together now (in a temporary fashion) but I'm thinking of disabling the switch to save hassle...

Added: 28/Jun/06 by Darren

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