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More on the gadgets and a possible theme.

I can't give too much away here, as we don't want to spoil the surprise for other teams competing in CzechWrecks, but I spent a happy couple of hours working on Veronica yesterday afternoon. After realising that I couldn't get a drill into the space under the bonnet where I was intending to fit something, I decided to use a different method. A hammer and bradawl. It was at this point that my neighbour came over and asked how the maintenance was going!

Anyway, I managed to fit the items eventually and found a suitable grommet for taking wires from the cabin to the engine bay. I'm impressed - I was worried that I'd have to drill a hole and find a grommet from the garage.

I've been having some more thoughts about a theme for the car. Initially I wanted to pick a car from a film, but my latest thought is to have something a little more generic - a Bond car. This is partly because we haven't really found any one film car we want to copy, and mainly to save us having to paint the entire car! So, now we need to mix and match bits from various Bond cars to suit us :-)

Added: 24/Jul/06 by Darren

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