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Stickers stuck and a new member!

On Saturday John learnt that you can't apply an A3 sized vinyl sticker in one go! With some careful work with a Stanley knife we fixed the slightly damaged '4' and 'S' on the bonnet sticker. By the time we'd added the door stickers we were on a roll. :-) The official CRX vinyl stickers do look really good, especially against the steel blue paint of Veronica. It is a little odd driving the car now as it does attract confused looks from people! We applied some other stickers to help with the overall theme, plus I've ordered some specially designed stickers... 2/3 of Trolley Jack Tours and their Volvo turned up and then proceeded to dismantle parts of their car on my driveway...

Meanwhile most of the evenings last week were spent inside Veronica with a soldering iron, or in my garage with a drill and bits of trim... The gadgety stuff is now looking, er very tasteful. I'm not sure Q would approve though!

And in other news, Team Insaner has gone through an extensive selection and training programme to find a new team member. Ok, we'd spoken to him before, but this time we went down the pub for a chat and showed him Veronica - and he still wants to join the team! Welcome aboard to Andy Blackwood.

Door sticker

Added: 7/Aug/06 by Darren

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