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The V-box is in!

If you've read any of our website you'll know that Veronica is the name of our car. Well, now we have the V-box fitted - born from an idea when John and I were driving Veronica back from Carlisle. I don't want to give too much away, but big thanks are due to Mike Johnson for his work in producing the design to our spec. I'm now working on a new gallery which will go live when we reach Calais. If you've sponsored us and you're not in a CRX rally team then add a comment to this entry and we'll send you a link and password if you want to see more!

John & I went to New Malden at the weekend to a pre-rally meet up. We had a chat with some of the H2R and S2N teams, but didn't see any CRX teams. It was also a chance to meet Justin - the man behind the StreetSafari name. It turns out he's after a few bits from Veronica for his 827 when we get to Prague.

Added: 14/Aug/06 by Darren

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