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Money, Evening Post and more gadgets

It's all starting to get a bit close now. There's only a week or so before we leave for Calais and I'm getting a little nervous. There are some interesting noises coming from various parts of the car - we ought to have a quick check at some things underneath before we go...

A quick update on the charity front - we've now passed the £500 barrier, so many thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Veronica has visited Lasham gliding club, an amateur theatre group in Fleet and is off to meet the Ceroc crowd in Swindon tomorrow. John & I had our photos taken with Veronica today by an Evening Post photographer - though we don't know when the article is likely to appear.

Last night John & I completed the wiring of the V-box and one of the other gadgets. We're obviously easily amused, but we are looking forward to seeing it working once the rally has started... The latest rally prep photos are now online here but you will need a password (which you can get by contacting us.) The only reason for this is that we want to keep the car as a surprise for the other teams until we get to Calais.
As the rally is now over the password is no longer required!

Added: 22/Aug/06 by Darren

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