Team Insaner

36 hours to go!

Things are getting a little frantic now! We finally got all of Team Insaner and Trolley Jack Tours together to go through checklists of stuff and meet up. They're frantically adding stickers and breaking lights! :-P

Some of our last minute stuff isn't that critical - loading music and iTunes onto the laptop - but then I did lose Veronica's V5 earlier today which was slightly more than annoying. John had borrowed a camcorder, although the output is good the recorder bit is broken. Luckily my friend Den has offered to lend us his camcorder :-)

Meanwhile, Andy has fixed Veronica's sagging bootlid - we can load the boot without fear of the lid smacking us on the head :-)

Tomorrow we are doing the last minute packing thing (ie all of it!) plus buying the forgotten essentials. Andy also found out that we need an International Driving Permit to drive in the Czech Republic, so that'll take up some more valuable time. I also intend to put our hidden pictures into the public part of the website late tomorrow.

Added: 29/Aug/06 by Darren

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