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Day 0 - France

Well, the good news is that we made it to Calais... I was quoted in the paper as saying that we had a good chance if we made it this far. We met up with a few other teams at Maidstone services this morning and watched a news item being filmed by Meridian news, I suspect Veronica is visible in the background of some of the shots :-) Our entrance to the car park featured the first public test of the V-box as the chorus from The Automatic's "Monster" drifted across the car park. There may have also been a few tests later on the lower deck of the ferry as we left... Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that CRX organiser bod Justin managed to damage the front spoiler of his 827 when he caught it on the kerb as he arrived. Great entrance, Justin! :-P Team Insaner's gaffer tape came to the rescue...

Amusingly we led a convoy to the hotel with John in the rear seat with the laptop running Autoroute, Andy in the passenger seat with not just one, but 2 GPS and me driving. We spent a while chatting with the other teams in the car park before heading to reception where we found that none of us had valid reservations. :-( Fortunately we got the last room in the next hotel along, and I checked my credit card to find that it had never been charged (despite having the reservation confirmation printout...) So - nul points to F1 Coquelles - Team Insaner farts in your general direction!

Veronica in full rally strip in Calais

Added: 31/Aug/06 by Darren

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