Team Insaner
Collecting car   [10 pictures]
300 miles by train to Carlisle, 300 miles back in our "new" Rover 825i
Pre-rally   [2 pictures]
Collecting sponsorship money and other fun
Rally Preparation
Revealed - the stuff that's been done to get Veronica rally ready!
Press   [2 pictures]
Fame and er, fortune... Or maybe not!
Day 0   [13 pictures]
Filming at Maidstone Services to last minute rebooking of hotels in Calais
Day 1   [47 pictures]
The real start of the rally. £4000 of cars leave Calais and head to a mountain retreat in Annecy
Day 2   [40 pictures]
A mad scramble from an Annecy hotel to Bormio
Day 3   [71 pictures]
Parading round Bormio, then onto the Stelvio Pass before heading to Salzburg
Day 4   [25 pictures]
Salzburg to Prague. Or in our case; Salzburg to the Czech Border, then back to Freistadt, scrap Veronica then by mad minibus to Prague.
Veronica in Prague   [4 pictures]
They wouldn't let the whole car in to the Czech Republic, but we were determined that some part of Veronica should get to Prague! Luckily, she wasn't afraid of heights...
Prague sightseeing   [50 pictures]
Some of my favourite pics from the 5 days I spent in Prague after the end of the rally.